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Open Today! 8:30 AM - 7:00 PM
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The team at Eddie Tourelle's Northpark is excited to let you know about our partnership with the   James Samaritan Gift-A-Lift, LLC Program! This is an invaluable program for young adults coming out of the foster care system who are in need of transportation. Through Gift-A-Lift, LLC, eligible candidates can get the keys to a reliable vehicle so that they have a way to and from school or work. What the Gift-A-Lift, LLC Program does has become invaluable in helping many kids beat the statistics, keeping them off the streets and out of incarceration. Learn more about the many ways the James Samaritan Gift-A-Lift, LLC Program is helping set aged-out foster kids up for success when you stop by one of our Covington car dealers.

Our Sponsorship

It's Eddie Tourelle's Northpark's goal to help give one vehicle a month to a young person in need through Gift-A-Lift, LLC. Every vehicle provided has been thoroughly inspected by one of our professional mechanics, ensuring that it's in good condition and able to withstand the test of time and distance. All potential vehicle recipients are screened by James Samaritan and complete a GAL Training program, drug testing and license background checks. 

We also help out by covering the costs of their dealer license to "sell" vehicles and providing a building for James Samaritan to operate out of -- our old Hyundai dealership! We charge just $1 in rent, so it's easy for the Gift-A-Lift, LLC Program to keep focused on the important work they're doing rather than worry about other expenses. In recognition of his dedication to supporting this invaluable program, Eddie Tourelle himself won the James Samaritan of the Year Award at their 2nd annual breakfast. We're excited to have received such a huge honor!

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